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There’s a new version of Google Chrome OS – remember Chrome OS?

Google just released an update through its developer channel, called “Aura.” This new update makes Chrome OS look more like….well… an OS. I have been VERY critical and disappointed with Chrome OS over the past few years.

Newest Version Of Google Chrome OS Looks A Lot Like Windows 7

While most of us in the tech community are starting to form strong opinions either for or against the new UI in Windows 8, most casual users have really seen little of the new OS. This means

Google Chrome OS hacked by whitehats

It’s always fun to see how tough an Operating System is when the experts get a chance to throw stones at it. A pair of experts (WhiteHat security researchers Matt Johansen and Kyle Osborn) have discovered a way

Open letter to Google Chrome OS team

Umm I know you guys are giving away trial laptop versions of the Chrome OS. I spend a lot of time speculating here about superior cloud operating systems and sure would love to get one early for

Google Chrome OS Event happening now – live coverage from Engadget

The Google Chrome OS announcement is being covered live at Engadget GO HERE

Windows 8 vs Google Chrome OS vs Apple new OS?

Google are announcing the release of Google’s Chrome OS operating system in 2011. For those of you who havent paid a lot of attention to Chrome OS, I am attaching a video below. I believe that a