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Google Reportedly Developing Chrome For Windows Phone 8

The search engine giant is wary of just two companies. Facebook in the social scene, and Microsoft in all other areas. That is one reason why the Google has not really jumped in to offers its apps,

IE10 Becomes The Second Fastest Browser

Microsoft’s flagship browser is fast. Very fast, as a matter of pure fact. But it still cannot lay claim of being the swiftest application of its kind. A series of test by Cross Browser Handbook puts Internet

Setting Up Google Chrome in Windows 8

Despite being almost 4 years old, Chrome is still the newest and the fastest growing kid in the browser block. It gobbled up a large browser share from Internet Explorer in its earlier days. Now, it is

Google Chrome Coming to Windows 8

If you have been with Windows 8 since the day you could download the developer preview, you probably have been using the Metro version of Internet Explorer 10. If you’re like me, then you find it difficult

Lets take a look at the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook

So we’ve had a chance to see what Apple has up it’s sleeve in form of the iCloud and all that. We have a good idea what Microsoft is up to with Windows 8 so lets take

Windows 8 Google Chrome Theme

The good folks at Compixels have created a Windows 8 based theme for Google Chrome. The theme uses the Windows 8 Betta fish wallpaper giving a bluish look to the browser. Here is how the browser looks

Google Chrome is coming…

More Chrome OS news. Speculation is rampant that Chrome is coming real soon.. The following is from Tom’s Guide: The latest rumored launch date pins Q2 2011 as the prime target, possibly as early as June– just

Google Chrome OS vs. Windows 8

As you may know, recently some Microsoft documents were leaked that showed some of the very preliminary development discussions for Windows 8. Some of the things discussed were facial recognition software, sleeker and faster operating system, Bluetooth