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Google Confirms They are Intentionally Blocking Windows Phone Users from Google Maps

The other day we reported on Google Maps no longer working on Windows Phone 8 devices. I suggested that this was hopefully an error and not on purpose. Unfortunately, it has now been confirmed this was totally

Google Responds to Outcry, Allows Maps Access on Windows Phone

Following widespread reporting about its refusal to allow access to Google Maps from IE, Google has done an about turn, perhaps figuring that a continued hard line will do them no good in public opinion. As reported

FTC Slaps Google’s Wrist, Microsoft Criticizes Ruling

The FTC announces the results of their investigation into Google Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) handed a victory to Google by finding them not guilty of skewing search results towards their own sites.  In this matter,

Windows Phone Users Can’t Access Google Maps Right Now?

Like using Google Maps? If you are a Windows Phone user, bad news I’m afraid. Windows Phone 7.x and Phone 8 users are now without a way to access Going to the map site at this