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Google Considers Amazon As Their Search Rival, Not Microsoft

Oh, come on, Mr. Schmidt! The current chairman of Google wrote a very lengthy blog post recently, where, among other things, he revealed that Amazon is their biggest search competitor. Not Bing or Yahoo, or even (potentially)

Super Cheap Android Phones Arrive, Microsoft Assures Reply

More from the affordable front. As per expectations, Google has announced the advent of cheap Android phones, thanks to the Android One program. And rightly so, Microsoft have promised an equally engaging reply on the low end.

Citrix Receiver Makes Windows Apps On Chromebook Possible

There is no shortage of voices that claim Chromebooks are basically useless. For power use, at least. These affordable laptops do not have the necessary array of productivity applications. And that is without getting into the debate

Is Microsoft Developing A Chromecast Rival?

Now this is going to be interesting. A Chromecast rival? From Microsoft? Where do I sign up? I have long believed Redmond should develop its own fancy little dongle. And from the looks of it is, a

Microsoft And Google Team Up For Plugins Free Video Chats In Browsers

In a perfect world, this would have been the norm by now. Or from the start. Then again, better late than never. Microsoft and Google are working together on revolutionizing the chat experience. Both companies are collaborating

European Commission Initiates Antitrust Probe Against Google

The long arms of the law? The European Commission is once again breathing on Google’s tail, and this time the antitrust body is investigating the company’s Android contracts. Yeah, the ones it has with phone makers. Unnamed

First Android One Handsets Launching In October For $100

Good news for Microsoft? Well, more competition never hurt anybody. Majorly, at least. At the Google I/O conference last month, the company announced its new Android One initiative. Which is, essentially a way to bring high quality,

Bing Starts Accepting Right To Be Forgotten Requests

Starting today, Microsoft is taking in the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ requests from Europe, and users that want their names removed from search results in Bing can do so with the help of an online form. The

Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally Joins Google

Remember Alan Mulally? Of course, you do! The former Ford president that was rumored to be the leading name on the shortlist of people for the CEO top spot at Microsoft. That is, before Satya Nadella was

The Secret Behind Google’s Success Is Marketing, Quips Nadella

The prestigious Worldwide Partner Conference 2014 kicked off yesterday in Washington, and in case you have been wondering, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did not take part in the event. Instead he attended Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference to