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Acer C720 Chromebook Launched With Intel Core i3 Processor

Microsoft have made some notable progress this year with Windows 8.1 hardware, and several new models are now available for purchase at different price points. Chromebooks, however, have remained an exceedingly dangerous threat. No longer are these

We Are Going To Take The Fight To Google And Apple, Says Nadella

The new Microsoft CEO is slowly coming into his own. After bringing forward a completely new vision for the company in an open letter this week, Satya Nadella has fired off a war cry against competitors. In

Microsoft And Google Partner Up For Open Source Projects

Open source is steadily gaining acceptance at Redmond, and Microsoft have become a fair bit more interested in such software. A new initiative has the company partnering up with long term rival Google. Both companies have joined

Microsoft Glass Reportedly Features Automatic Text Scrolling

When it comes to wearables, Google Glass is sitting comfortably at the top of the mountain. Several other companies may have released smartwatches already, but they are waiting to see how these glasses perform on the market

Google Docs Gets Full Native Microsoft Office Support

Operating systems are old news, these days. The realm of productivity suites is where the real battle is being fought. At least, this is the impression one gets from Microsoft and Google. Both companies have increased the

Google’s Material Design Language Is Strangely Similar To Metro

Metro, Modern, Material, what’s in a name, eh? Google is currently holding its I/O developer event, and one of the first things showcased in the keynote was the company’s new Material Design language. This is Google’s attempt

Meet Tavis Ormandy, The Google Engineer That Helps Microsoft With Security

Tavis Ormandy is not a name in computing technology that everyone is familiar with, but everyone is glad to have him around. This is the famous Google engineer that has helped Microsoft patch up several important vulnerabilities.

Open Source Is Google’s Big Bet To Push Users Away From Microsoft Software

Open source software. Microsoft has been locked in, what seems like, a never ending battle with free and open source applications. But things are escalating fast now that Google has jumped in. The search engine giant has

Google Discovers Critical Windows Flaw, Microsoft Onto It

Microsoft and Google do not exactly see eye to eye, but security engineers with the search engine giant regularly help Redmond with product security by reporting flaws and vulnerabilities. This newest one has been discovered by Tavis

Google Docs Provides A Suboptimal Experience, Microsoft Believes

Although the launch of Office for Android is now just a formality, with voices that Microsoft is deep into development of this flavor of its productivity suite, Google has been working to boost the adoption of its