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Munich Ditches Linux, Moves Back To Windows

German city Munich has apparently had enough of Linux, as it has decided to move away from the open source operating system after 14 years,…

Microsoft Campus Strategy

Microsoft Finally Adopts The Open Document Format

Remember all that hoopla between Microsoft and the UK government on adopting the ODF standard for documents last year? Well, it seems like we finally…

US Government Windows

US Government Says Windows Is Still The Most Used OS

Microsoft’s prized platform, Windows, has been through much over the past few decades, but the mobile revolution has really turned things upside down for the…

Windows XP Desktop US

US Government Still Running Windows XP On 10,000 PCs

Bet you didn’t expect to hear about Windows XP, almost a year after retirement. Microsoft officially pulled the plug off the operating system back in…

China Linux Switch Begins

China To Switch 15% Of Government PCs To Linux Every Year

China is very much at war with Redmond. It may be a one sided affair, but the government of the country has been very aggressive…


China Wants To Remove Windows From All Government PCs

I guess all the roads these past few months lead to this one reality. The Chinese government has outlined plans to remove Windows from all…


Chinese Authorities Defend Microsoft Investigation

Sure, you’re not. Chinese authorities may not like it but Microsoft enjoys a solid following in China, at least when it comes to the good…


China’s Investigation On Microsoft Too Late, Analysts Believe

The government of China started investigating Microsoft for antitrust violations a few weeks back, but there are people that believe that the inspection comes too…


Your Email Belongs To You, Not Us, Says Microsoft

All your base are belong to us? Well, something very similar to the timeless meme. Microsoft continues its legal battle against the US government for…


China Also Developing A Homegrown Smartphone OS

The Chinese odyssey coming to an end? For Microsoft and Google both? The country is ready to develop its own homegrown smartphone OS in order…