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NVIDIA Silently Launches Amazing New Notebook GPUs

Revolutionary? You be the judge. But NVIDIA has launched new GPUs for mobile devices like notebooks, which the company claims deliver up to 2.5 times the performance of Intel UHD 620 Graphics. And launched them quietly, with

Intel And AMD Team Up To Revolutionize Notebooks

Stranger things have happened. Intel and AMD, the two companies few would have thought would have collaborated, are doing just that. The rumors of these two chip giants working together have come true. Basically, Intel has confirmed

Surface 2 Graphics Glitch Confirmed By Microsoft, Fix Incoming

When it comes to hardware Microsoft surely has learnt a lot since unleashing the original Surface RT late last year. The company’s premiere tablet suffered from a number of issues, large and small, many of which were

DirectX 11.2 Announced, Exclusive To Windows 8.1 On The PC

Video gaming now increasingly makes up a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to computing. But when it comes to mobile computing there is still a lot of room to grow and innovate in the

Microsoft talk about Windows 8 and hardware acceleration Microsoft have updated the Windows 8 development blog with a post about hardware acceleration. With Windows 8, Microsoft have set out to enable all applications to have beautiful and high-performance graphics enabled by modern graphics hardware.

New Microsoft Surface graphic looks pretty cool

I saw this graphic on the web last night and it was taken from a screenshot of the Microsoft Surface. What caught my eye was the level of detail that the tiles are being refined to. If

New icons for Skydrive and Sports app Revealed

During the Microsoft Surface tablet launch, Microsoft accidentally revealed the new Sky drive and Sports app icons. Click here for Larger version of the image As you can see in the above image, Skydrive, Sports and the Windows App Store has

Windows 8 Training – Build a Metro Style game

A new Windows 8 Training Video. This one is taught by Chas Boyd. Video description Games are undoubtedly one of the most popular style of apps with users today and one of the largest money makers as

Designing for scale – a multimillion pc thin client market with RemoteFX

Microsoft are talking about the next version of RDP and RemoteFX in Windows. These tools extend the rich experiences for the remote desktop user, be it Terminal Server (RDSH), VDI or MultiPoint Server. Customers will be asking

Creating 3d applications in Windows 8 Metro

Windows 8 is being promoted as a source of unique 3d rendering capabilities in the Metro style applications. The new tools that come with Metro are touted as being able to provide some of the most impressive