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New Microsoft Surface graphic looks pretty cool

I saw this graphic on the web last night and it was taken from a screenshot of the Microsoft Surface. What caught my eye was the level of detail that the tiles are being refined to. If

Is Windows 8 The Biggest Revolution In PC Interfacing Since The GUI?

Since 1995 there has been only one really major change in the Windows world, and that was the transition to the NT core with Windows XP. Even with the core change, the interface has remained largely the

100 GUI elements for windows 8 – Theme elements

The design team behind the shock family (iconshock, webdesignshock and themeshock) have created a complete set of GUI elements inspired by the new windows 8 interface, called Metro. It was made purely in Photoshop using vector shapes,

New taskmanager screenshot in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server

The good folks at MDL forums have been poring over Windows * server x64 like vultures on a carcass. Here’s a screenshot from member 3ricky114. It shows the new taskmanager in Windows 8 Build 7959 x64/Server. Also.. some

Windows 8 Troubleshooting GUI

Now is it just me but I am wondering whether Windows 8 will have more online user help guides. In the troubleshooting section pictured below, there is a prompt when you run it for the first time.