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Microsoft Rolls Out The Windows 8.1 Quick Guide For Business

If there is one thing Microsoft has really nailed with Windows 8.1, it is the area of help and support. And no surprises here, when you consider that this is one part of the core Windows 8

Microsoft Creates A Form Factor Guide For Windows 8.1 Devices

Windows 8.1 should be out in the wild officially by the end of this week, and Microsoft will launch its second generation Surface tablets early next week.  But at the same time, the company expects a whole

Microsoft To Employees: Leave Your Guns At Home

Ha, Microsoft you are oh so caring. In case you are unaware, the software giant has spent a clean $59 million to prepare its Cambridge campus for new employees. Now the company has provided its employees with

10 quick tips and shortcuts for Windows 8

Since the release of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, there have been a bunch of Windows 8 tips and tricks out there that might be fun for you to know. Here are 10 to get you started.