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Microsoft Releases The Windows 8.1 Update Power User Guide

Windows 8.1 Update is on track to be unveiled to users later today via Windows Update, and in order to ensure that everyone knows what is new in this new version, the company has rolled out a

Upgrading From Windows XP? Here Is How To Avoid Driver Issues

With some 60 odd days remaining between now and the official retirement of Windows XP, there is no shortage of people that are upgrading to a newer version of the operating system, be it Windows 7 or

Microsoft Publishes New Windows 8.1 Power User Guide For Business

Publishing is not a new field for Microsoft. In the past, the software titan has crafted some really amazing books and user guides for its software and hardware products. Physical, paper books, I mean. But for some

Windows 8.1 will have more built in user guides – help and Tips

One of the big knocks against Windows 8 was the fact that it didn’t really have any comprehensive guides showing how the Operating System was meant to be used. With Windows 8.1, it seems like Microsoft is