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Gwen Stefani has a Windows Phone

American singer and A-list celebrity Gwen Stefani has apparently endorsed Windows Phone as well. The singer has created a video ad for Windows Phone. Gwen Stefani apparently has a Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8 Advertising is Now in Full Swing

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 advertising campaign is in full swing now. We are seeing tons of stars showing off their new Lumia 920 handsets in various commercials and now even the UK’s James Corden is jumping into

Windows 8 Ad Campaign to Feature Jay-Z, Gwen Stefani

Microsoft is allocating some $1.5 billion in funds from its overflowing coffers for its Windows 8 promotional blitz, and at least some of that bling will be lining the pockets of singing sensations Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani,