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What Would You Say To A 7-Inch Windows 8.1 Tablet With A Haswell Processor?

Things on the Windows powered tablet front are slowly starting to heat up, as hardware vendors around the globe are creating both horizontal and vertical solutions to grab their slice of the pie. Panasonic, for instance has

Ivy Bridge Processors Start Impacting Intel’s Roadmap For 2014

There are voices that claim that one of the biggest reasons for this ongoing decline in PC shipments has got a lot to do with Intel. The chip giant found itself in an absolutely commanding position a

Toshiba Kira Ultrabook Lineup Refreshed With A Startling 22 Hours Battery Life

The more pressing matter here, ladies and gentlemen, is why they could not go for a full day, 24 hour charge. That would have been really something. But this is really something too. Toshiba is most comfortable

Notebook Shipments Rose By 10% In The Third Quarter

I guess the introduction of Intel Haswell line of processors along with the recently released Windows 8.1 did lend a hand to the faltering PC industry, notebooks in particular. Shipments of laptops in the third quarter of

Surface Pro 2 Will Come With Intel Haswell And More Memory, Says Report

You know it’s a bit of a special day when rumors about both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro reach the web. Microsoft is pretty mum on the details, but the flow of information from other

Intel Launches New Haswell CPUs, A Few Ivy Bridge Units Also Arrive

Intel sure is busy throughout the year. While the chip giant has more than enough on its plate with processors for mobile devices like cellphones and tablets, along with server solutions, the PC market is still its

Retailers Have Now Started Selling Ivy Bridge Laptops At 30% Discounts

The notebook industry never ceases to amaze. When things were going upwards, notebook makers were smashing all kinds of records. Now with the immediate shift towards tablets, expect the unexpected when it comes to laptops. This latest

Toshiba Refreshes Its Ultrabooks Lineup With Haswell CPUs

Intel recently unleashed its anticipated Haswell lineup of CPUs, and though desktop processors are readily available all over the world as of this writing, hardware vendors are currently scampering to release their notebook solutions. Several large vendors

Notebook Shipment Numbers In Second Half Of The Year To Stay The Same

It goes without saying that notebook vendors are in a grim state of affairs. For the past year or two, overall sales of laptops have been on the decline, with devices like ultrabooks doing little to improve

Intel Haswell Prolongs Notebook Battery Life By 50%

The chip giant has hyped up its Haswell platform for a quite some time now. With the new lineup of CPUs set for release early next month, it seems that the hype is justified, at least for