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PC Holiday Shipments Rise For The First Time In 6 Years

Good news! For the first time in six years, things are looking up! PC shipments have been declining since 2011, but the 2017 holidays season brought good news for the longsuffering market. Signaling perhaps the winds of

Cheesy Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Ad Is A Surprise Hit

Cheese sells, these days, it seems. A tacky little Surface Pro 3 ad has become the best such effort from Microsoft, gathering more than 6 million views in just a span of a few days. Ads like

Microsoft Starts Holiday Marketing With New Surface Pro 3 Ad

With the important holiday shopping season very much underway, a new Surface Pro 3 ad has kick started the year-end marketing drive for Microsoft. And it’s full of warm, fuzzy feelings. Whatever saves us from computer generated

Microsoft expands US store footprint in time for the holiday season

Microsoft has indicated that it plans to open a slew of stores across the US this holiday season. 32 locations will span 20 US states in addition to shops in British Columbia, Toronto, and Alberta, Canada. Holiday