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Microsoft Revises Policy, Will Take More Steps To Ensure Email Privacy

It recently came to light that Microsoft accessed an email account belonging to a blogger when they found out that he had received source code of company products and other trade secrets. They had to take these

We Do Not Snoop Into Gmail To Investigate Leaks, Says Google

Here is some news that is bound to make even Snoopy chuckle. Microsoft courted a fair bit of controversy when it was revealed recently that the company snooped through a user’s Hotmail account. Sure, it was due

Microsoft Promises Better Transparency And Limit On Email Searches

Damage control, please. Questions were raised, queries were extended, about the privacy of all Hotmail or users recently, when it emerged that Microsoft accessed the emails of a blogger. A snoop of this unnamed blogger led

Microsoft Found Out About The Windows 8 Content Leak By Going Through Emails

More news about the Windows 8 content leak is floating up. It is perhaps the most interesting story of the day, full of stimulating twists and fascinating turns. Or not. It appears that the French blogger that

Week In Review (Apr 29 – May 3)

Another week draws to a close for Microsoft, this one particularly filled with rumors and speculations. Windows Blue builds found their way to the Internet, analysts found their way to media outlets, and the classic old Hotmail

Hotmail Is Now Officially Retired

Never thought I’d live to say this, but the classic email platform, Hotmail, is now officially dead. Microsoft has just confirmed that it has completed the transition of its email users to Redmond initiated the transition

Hotmail Retirement Imminent, Microsoft Removes Link On Bing

Cookie Vulnerability Unearthed In Hotmail And

It appears that both Hotmail and are vulnerable to attacks that could allow cybercriminals full control of an account, due to what seems like an issue regarding management of cookies and sessions. Security expert Rishi Narang

Week In Review (Mar 18 – Mar 22)

Another fun-filled week for Microsoft came with both good news and bad. While the Surface tablet have had a smooth sail, several other Redmond products, from Windows 8 to good old Hotmail made news headlines. The most

Users Urge Microsoft To Keep Hotmail Alive

Redmond has long made public its plans to shut down its Hotmail service by summer this year, and move all users to, as this new platform is set to be an integral part of the company’s