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HTC One M8 For Windows Is Officially Announced

Following months of speculation, and weeks of leaks (hey, it rhymes), the HTC One M8 for Windows is official. Fans of Microsoft’s platform now have the choice of a brand new, shiny fresh flagship smartphone. Well, officially

You Might Be Able To Install Android On HTC One W8

And vice versa for the HTC One M8, when it comes to installing Windows Phone. The soon to be unveiled handset apparently comes with the same open bootloader. Just like its Android counterpart, the One M8. And

Here Are The Full Specs Of HTC One W8 Windows Phone

And they aren’t much different to the ones that leaked earlier. HTC is about to unleash a beauty, and this is a welcome new high end addition to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Rumors about the Taiwanese company

Week In Review (Jul 28 – Aug 1)

Man, what an offbeat week, what an offbeat week, indeed. Nothing major from Microsoft apart from a new hiring, a new board member. But the company itself could not have foreseen some of the events, including a

HTC One W8 Windows Phone Image Leaked Via Verizon

Well, if it had to be one source, this one is well and good. Reportedly arriving as a Verizon exclusive, the Windows Phone variant of HTC One M8 is one of the more anticipated launches this year.

The Next HTC Windows Phone Flagship To Be Called HTC One W8

Or HTC One (W8), if you are into details and such. But it is great to finally see a high end new flagship powered by Windows Phone from a major vendor, even if it is a reworked