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Microsoft Surface RT Scores Relatively Low on a Peacemaker HTML5 Test

While Microsoft might be touting Internet Explorer 10 as a massive update that is world’s better than previous IE versions, this might not be true when it comes to Windows RT and the Surface. A new benchmarking

Windows Video – Designing Metro style apps with CSS3

Another video from Microsoft. Metro style app development is probably going to be very big in 2012 and massive in 2013. There’s a lot to learn and it can be really intimidating at first. This video will

How to make Windows 8 Metro style apps that print

More Windows 8 training videos from the BUILD conference regarding building Windows 8 apps that print. This session teaches formatting content and customizing the print experience for consumers. Topics for discussion: Metro, HTML5, XAML and C+ The presentation

A deep dive into HTML5 sites and Metro style apps using HTML5

Another Microsoft Windows 8 training video from the previous BUILD conference. This one covers the basics of creating a Metro style application using HTML5. If you’re not really too familiar with writing Javascript on the client-side, this