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Preview Version Of Oracle Software Now Available On Windows Azure

Those of you keeping an eye on the cloud side of Microsoft’s enterprise business may be aware that Redmond and Oracle recently entered into a corporate partnership. And the fruits of this joint venture are now (almost)

Creating Virtual Machines in Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise

If you wanted to run, say, Windows XP in Windows 7, you could use Windows Virtual PC and install a fully functional copy of Windows XP SP3 in a virtual machine running inside of Windows 7 Professional,

Printing enhancements in Windows 8 – new developments for business

Some cool changes are coming to Windows 8 re: printing. Three interesting points… IT pros can use Hyper-V and fail over clusters of print servers to remove the need for special drivers. If one of the virtualized print servers

Windows Video – Developing and testing on Windows 8 with Hyper-V

New Windows Video from Microsoft. Microsoft’s virtualization solution Hyper-V is no longer just for servers. In Windows 8, developers and testers will be able to use the powerful virtualization capabilities of Hyper-V to help them do more

Enabling Hyper-V in Windows 8

ITproportal has put together a quick brief guide for enabling Hyper-V in Windows 8. This will show you how to enable Hyper-V virtualization in the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This tweak is not on by default in

Windows Video – Hyper-V and continuously available systems

Another video from the Microsoft library. This time it’s related to Windows Server and deals with high availability systems. Customers demand continuous availability from their Hyper-V deployments. In Windows Server 8, Hyper-V delivers better availability and scalability to customers.

Features In Windows 8 That Have Improved From Windows 7

There have been many people in the IT community that claim there is little new on the table with Windows 8 besides its Metro interface. For users that don’t like Metro, they feel it just isn’t worth

Hyper-V networking in Windows Server 8

On eo the great pluses about Windows Server 8 is virtualization. The big feature in Windows Server 8 is Hyper-V or Hyper Virtualization. New features in Windows Server 8 expand Hyper-V for performance, reliability, scale and security. In this

Microsoft confirms Hyper-V functionality will be included in Windows 8

In a new post on the Microsoft Windows 8 development blog, Microsoft just confirmed that Hyper-V will in fact be included in Windows 8. A quote: In building Windows 8 we worked to enable Hyper-V, the machine

Windows 8 will have Hyper-V 3.0

WindowsNow.com blogger Robert McLaws has discovered Hyper-V 3.0 is incuded in the Windows 8 client code. “Apparently it’s (Hyper-V 3.0’s) been in there for quite a while, but between the focus on Consumer features, and the lack