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Behold The Lenovo ThinkPad 25

It’s not all that often do you get an iconic piece of hardware. Something with a history, a legacy. But the upcoming Lenovo ThinkPad 25 is one such creation, details of which have just leaked. This is

Internet Explorer 3 Security Flaw Finally Fixed After 18 Years

Internet Explorer 3, really? Microsoft paid attention to security since Windows 95, but it was really at the start of the last decade that things went into overdrive in terms of safety measures. And it seems a

Microsoft Is Sixth In The Top Patents Winners Of 2012 List

For better or for worse, patents have taken a front seat in today’s technology world. Research firm IFI recently revealed the 2012 patent rankings and the usual suspects all made it to this much esteemed list this

Microsoft Sixth In The Top Patents Winners Of 2012 List

The 2012 patent rankings just came in and the usual suspects all made it to the very top. Research firm IFI revealed that Microsoft came in sixth in the list last year with 2,613 patents. This puts

IBM zEnterprise Mainframes to run Windows 8?

According to Larry Dignan at ZDNet, IBM is planning to combine Windows applications and it’s zEnterprise mainframe. Basically, the move is seen as a play by IBM to become more attractive to datacenter managers looking to consolidate

New Video – IBM at BUILD 2011 Windows 8 EXPO

More video from me at the Microsoft BUILD 2011 Windows 8 conference. The following video shows an IBM rep talking about their company and their participation at BUILD 2011. It was cool getting these company reps to