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PC Market

PC Holiday Shipments Rise For The First Time In 6 Years

Good news! For the first time in six years, things are looking up! PC shipments have been declining since 2011, but the 2017 holidays season…


Windows Phone Keeps On Sinking

That sinking feeling! It’s quite remarkable seeing Windows Phone sales continue around the world, even as it is known that mobile is no longer that…


Microsoft Will Explain Windows 10 Mobile Future When Ready

Even though Microsoft executives have made it abundantly clear that the company is still fully supporting Windows 10 Mobile platform, their decisions have not always…


There’s Trouble In Tablet Land

Even Microsoft can’t save the tablet market. Not when there is a clear and present shift towards hybrids and 2-in-1 devices. Figures

Windows XP PC Sales Decline

PC Sales Go Down, Windows XP Blamed Once Again

The retirement of Windows XP is, once again, the talking point as PC shipments across the globe dropped by significant margins in the first quarter…

Windows Phone Shipments 2014

Windows Phone Shipments Up, Market Share Down

Time for some fresh Windows Phone shipments and market share analysis. Microsoft’s mobile operating platform had a tough year, with fewer high profile smartphone releases…

Brazil Flag Fancy

Windows Phone Overtakes iOS In One More Market

Microsoft’s going all in with bringing the Windows Phone platform to more affordable price points, and it is only a matter of time the operating…

Mobile Pwn2Own Lumia 1520

Windows Phone Sales To Triple By 2018, Says IDC

IDC is back with some more mobile forecasts, and the market research firm believes that Windows Phone sales are set for a surge within the…

Windows Tablets Growth

Windows Tablets Post 67% Year Over Year Growth

While Microsoft has not yet been able to take the market share of Windows tablets beyond the 5% mark, the platform has shown some amazing…


Lenovo Confirms Sales Are Up Due To Windows XP Retirement

Windows XP retirement is at it again. Almost every other manufacturer has confirmed that Microsoft pulling the plug on the old operating system has had…