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StatCounter Data Shows IE 10 Is Now The Top Microsoft Browser

Ah, the ever perplexing battle for browser supremacy! The latest from the frontlines is that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 has now become the company’s number one browser worldwide. The default Windows 8 web browser, which was released

IE 10 Is Now On The Verge Of Becoming The Most Popular Browser In The World

It has taken a little while, but Internet Explorer 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s in-house web browser, is now poised to take its rightful place as the number one web browser in the world. Well, at

Study Shows Internet Explorer Crashes More Often Than Firefox And Chrome

One thing Microsoft has pulled off very successfully in the last couple of years is significantly improving Internet Explorer. The last couple of versions available with Windows 8 and 8.1 are proof enough. Just like other popular

IE 10 Increases Its Market Share In July, Is Now At 15.36%

Net Applications is one of the premier market research firms around when it comes to operating system and web browser statistics.  Its data is based on monitoring around 40,000 websites that serve no less than 160 million

Internet Explorer 10 Has Now Become The Most Popular Microsoft Browser

Microsoft is soon set to unleash Internet Explorer 11 as part of Windows 8.1 in just a few months, but in the meanwhile Internet Explorer 10 continues its impressive growth. The current version of the company’s popular

Window And Internet Explorer Get Critical Patch Tuesday Updates

The Patch Tuesday update cycle for May just went live late last night and Microsoft has released a whole bunch of fixes in its bid to resolve 33 vulnerabilities in various products. Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Office,

New Study Shows That IE 10 Blocks Almost All Malware On Windows 8

The never-ending battle between the web browsers of the world continues. This time the theater of war is a new study conducted by security research firm NSS Labs. The firm tested the latest versions of five of

Internet Explorer Keeps The Crown In Latest Net Applications Rankings

The way the two biggest market watchers, Net Applications and StatCounter, keep tabs on the browser market is one of the prevalent mysteries of the technology world. We recently covered how StatCounter placed Microsoft’s browser second in

Internet Explorer 10 Market Share Doubled, Thanks To Windows 7

There are juggernauts and there are behemoths. And then there is Windows 7. The beloved operating system finds itself firmly on nearly half the computers in the world. It is reasonable, then to expect some fireworks when

Internet Explorer Maintains Second Place In Latest StatCounter Data

Statistics often have a funny, polarizing side to them, particularly if the data sample is limited. This practically is the case with web browser usage statistics, which frequently provide conflicting numbers. Tallying web browser usage is, after