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Net Applications Browser November 204

Internet Explorer 11 Has Now Cornered A Quarter Of The Market

That Internet Explorer 11 is one of the top used browsers in the world is not news, but the Microsoft’s flagship solution keeps on growing…

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Internet Explorer 11 Gets New Tab Page Functionality

Feature parity? We’ll take it, regardless. Internet Explorer 11 just received a new functionality in the form of new tab page. Similar to how things…


Microsoft Highlights Improvements In IE 11 On Windows Phone 8.1

Say what you may, but this policy of absolute secrecy from Microsoft comes with its pros and cons. On one hand it allows the company…


Internet Explorer 11 Close To Becoming The Most Used Browser In The World

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11 as part of Windows 8.1, but luckily allowed users of previous versions of the operating system the ability to install…


HP Security Experts Manage To Break Into Internet Explorer On Windows 8.1

Microsoft has worked wonders with Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1, making sure that the platform is more secure than previous iterations. As a result…


Recent Patch Tuesday Fix Fails To Repair Internet Explorer Bug

And then there was one less! Microsoft has revised its Patch Tuesday update page to strike off an Internet Explorer vulnerability. The patch was released…


Enhanced Protected Mode Now Disabled In Internet Explorer 11 On Windows 8.1

Microsoft released a bunch of security fixes this Patch Tuesday, and the company also snuck in a few updates and performance solutions. One update actually…


Internet Explorer Still The King Of The Hill In October 2013

If the world of browsers had a hill, Internet Explorer would surely be standing tall in the very middle as the triumphant leader. Microsoft’s popular…


Internet Explorer 11 Gets New Reliability Update On Windows 8.1

Redmond has just released a new patch for version 11 of Internet Explorer that is running on Windows 8.1 systems that tries to fix number…


Windows 7 Gets Internet Explorer 11 Installation Blocking Tool

A storm is scheduled for next week in the technology world. Microsoft is getting ready to officially unleash a bunch of its new and updated…