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Google Chrome Is Uncatchable On PC

How to catch a web browser. Google Chrome remains one of the most successful applications on the Windows platform, with the latest data showing the browser leading the charts like nothing else. Data provided by StatCounter for

September Patch Tuesday Updates Here To Fix 81 Vulnerabilities

That’s quite a bunch! The September 2017 Patch Tuesday update cycle is in the air now, with Microsoft taking the time out to fix a whole lot of vulnerabilities in its software and operating platforms. No less

Internet Explorer To Get Features Like Web Audio, Media Capture, HTTP/2 Soon

Microsoft have, in recent times, become much more open when it comes to sharing development details. That is, when they are ready to share them, that is. Otherwise, there is a stark silence. Then again, stark silences

All Versions Of Internet Explorer Receive Critical Security Update

When you hear the words Internet Explore and Critical in one sentence, you just have to stop and take notice. Microsoft’s default web browser is tied deep into all its operating systems. Even if someone is using

What is Different with Internet Explorer 11?

Windows Blue is just around the corner, and with it comes Internet Explorer 11. So what’s new in IE 11? While both the Modern and desktop versions of IE11 don’t look to terribly different on the surface,