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Internet Explorer 11 Also Gets Some New Performance Optimizations

Previously rumored either as Windows 8.1 Update 2, even Windows 8.2, the August Update for Windows 8.1 is here, and flying onto desktops, notebooks and tablets as of this writing. However, for one odd reason or another,

IE11 On Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 Comes With Hundreds Of Improvements

Any update would have a hard time measuring up to the richness that is Windows Phone 8.1, but although small, Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 still brings a lot of refinements and new features. Microsoft is using this refresh

Internet Explorer 11 On Windows Phone 8.1 Benchmarked, Improvements Aplenty

For Microsoft, one of the more important parts of the mobile puzzle is the Internet Explorer web browser that is available on several of the company’s platforms. Now, many early adapters of Windows Phone 8.1, the ones

Refreshed IE11 To Be Included In Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 Update

Redmond has done a splendid job modernizing its web browser on all platforms. No longer is Internet Explorer stuck in the early 2000s, and the newer versions can duke it out with Chrome and Firefox easy. We

Researchers Break Into Firefox, Internet Explorer At Pwn2Own

Internet Explorer, along with Firefox and Safari become one of the handful of applications that were hacked on the first day of the 2014 edition of the hacking competition, Pwn2Own. Security researchers from the French research firm

Internet Explorer 11 With Enterprise Mode For Windows 7 Rumored To Launch Soon

Windows 7 might have gone on the backburner for Microsoft just a fleeting moment as it shifted all its focus on Windows 8 and all that, but the world’s most popular operating system is far too important

Microsoft Talks About How It Created A New Font For IE11 Reading View

Internet Explorer 11 has gained some solid traction in recent months, and is currently the best option for touch users that want to browse the web securely and efficiently. The latest version of Microsoft’s browser launched alongside

IE11 In Windows Phone 8.1 Features Tab Sync And InPrivate Browsing

More good news for Windows Phone fans! They will soon be able to enjoy some power features in the Internet Explorer 11 included in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 release. Power features that are available on modern

Video Shows The New Reading View Feature In IE11 On Windows Phone 8.1

The leaks just can’t stop coming! We have seen numerous screenshots and videos and read all sorts of details about the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1, since the SDK went live. And now another video aims to solve

Microsoft Confirms IE8 Compatibility Mode For Internet Explorer 11 In Update 1

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is shaping up to be the release that rounds up the edges of Microsoft’s newest operating platform in pretty much all areas, from desktop to enterprise usage. While the list of changes for