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Internet Explorer 6 Still Alive And Kicking, Despite XP Retirement

I guess there must be something very special in using a 13 year old web browser. That’s almost like using an 85 year old car to drive to work. Daily. I mean, I can understand using an

Twitter Will Soon Drop Support For IE6 And IE7 For Its Website

The two classic browser versions from Microsoft are soon set to sail into the west. Over the past few months, Redmond made its intentions of retiring Internet Explorer 6 very clear. The software titan recently launched a

An Era Ends, With The Retirements Of XP, Messenger, IE6 And Office 2003

As far as pure computing is concerned, there are only a select few eras. Though with our weekly updates to products and services, lines are blurred, but go little while back and everything could be classified into

Chinese Users Simply Love Internet Explorer 6

More news from China, it seems. If you have been wondering why Internet Explorer 6 is still one of the most popular browsers in the world, well you can thank the Chinese users — they are simply