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Microsoft Products Are A Nightmare To Repair

iFixit has released their 2017 review, and Microsoft products, along with Apple devices, have been listed as the ones that are the most difficult to service and repair. Basically, the Worst Devices of 2017. Microsoft and Apple

Surface Book 2 Terribly Tough To Repair

Comes as no surprise, but the new Surface Book 2 is not exactly an easy product to repair. This has been revealed by iFixit, where the teardown experts gave Microsoft’s ultimate laptop a low repairability score. Of

Surface RT And Pro Get Rated On iFixit’s New Tablet Repairability List

Repair shop iFixit has been busy with tablets these past few weeks. The website has put a number of popular slates under the screwdriver and rated them based on its own criteria of repairability. As covered here

Surface Pro Gets A Teardown, Receives Lowest Score For Reparability

If you though Apple products were notoriously difficult to repair, think again! Microsoft Surface Pro is breaking records when it comes to reparability, in fact it is downright near the most hard to repair gadget of all