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Nokia Lumia 2020, Codenamed Illusionist, Reportedly Cancelled

One recourse, I suppose lies in the irony. Nokia fans that were anticipatively expecting more details on the company’s small form factor Windows tablet will be majorly disappointed by what follows. Word is that that the company

Nokia Lumia 2020, Codenamed Illusionist, Reported To Arrive By March 2014

The fate of Nokia’s first Windows RT tablet is yet to be decided. The slate just recently hit the market, and it will take a few weeks to a couple of months to truly and accurately gauge

Nokia Said To Be Preparing An 8-Inch Windows RT Tablet, The Illusionist

There are two things Nokia does really well. One is designing really amazing devices, and the second is codenaming them quite rather imaginatively. Almost all recent products to come from the Finnish company carry ingenious code names.