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Windows Piracy Remains A Major Threat

Shiver me timbers! Microsoft has conducted its own investigation on the new PC market in Asia, and found that Windows piracy is quite a thing over there. It’s downright insane — the number of computers that are

First Android One Handsets Launching In October For $100

Good news for Microsoft? Well, more competition never hurt anybody. Majorly, at least. At the Google I/O conference last month, the company announced its new Android One initiative. Which is, essentially a way to bring high quality,

Windows Phone 8.1 Rollout In Early July Confirmed By Microsoft

Although a select few users have already received update notifications, people have been waiting for a global Windows Phone 8.1 rollout. It appears July is, indeed, the month. After early reports of launch, we got confirmation from

Intel Working With Partners In India To Launch Tablets At $168

More specifically, the magical figure of 10,000 rupees. Tablets are the hot thing in India at the moment, with the country making up 18% of the total demand from the Asia Pacific region. In fact, Australia, Japan,

Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Nokia Could Be Delayed Due To India Audit

India has been involved in a legal tussle with Nokia over the past few months. While at first it was said that this would have no bearing on Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services unit, it

Three Companies Plan To Launch Windows Phones In India In The Coming Months

Microsoft may have announced that it had penned new partnerships with various OEMs in India for the release of handsets powered by Windows Phone 8.1, but few details have come up following the official confirmation at MWC

Microsoft Expected To Close The Nokia Deal Within The Next 20 Days

Prepare for the final transaction! Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services unit appears to be in the final stages, on track for completion in the first quarter as previously reported. The latest on the matter is

Indian Regulatory Authority Approves Microsoft Nokia Deal

Large and high-profile acquisitions are a lengthy process, usually spanning months. Microsoft may have announced its Nokia takeover deal a while back, but the whole procedure is expected to be complete sometimes next year. That is, pending

Microsoft Plans Another AppFest For Social Cause

Microsoft seems to be fighting quite an active war as it tries to fill its Windows Store with more and more apps. But this time Redmond wants to address some community issues while it is at it.

Microsoft Set To Launch India Sales Subsidiary

It has been well over 20 years since Microsoft first starting selling its first product in India, and now the technology titan has reportedly informed its Indian partners that it is readying a new sales subsidiary in