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New Infographic Shows The Affordability Of Windows Phone

Another new Microsoft infographic. The company only sparingly releases infographics, and when it does they’re mostly for Windows Phone. However, this new one makes a statement. A rather bold statement that highlights just how affordable a move

Infographic: 10 Tips For SharePoint Project Success

This infographic, designed by Evoke IT, was generated based on years of experience with SharePoint software. The purpose was to create information regarding the use of SharePoint in a business setting. Many companies have either considered or

Microsoft Outlook Infographic Shows Just How Limited Gmail Is

Ah, infographics. Easily digestible nuggets of information. A new Microsoft Outlook infographic has been released that paints Gmail in a rather bad light, and shows just how limited the competing service is. Redmond has a history of

Infographic: The Smartwatch Market

Still don’t think smartwatches are the future? Welcome to the club! Despite being pegged as the next big thing, wearables have not yet completely won people over. At least, not to the extent that smartphones and tablets

New Microsoft Infographic Shows Why We Should Choose The Nokia Lumia 630

The recently released Nokia Lumia 630 makes a few compromises, but delivers on several fronts, including price. And while Microsoft is yet to really go all out when it comes to promotion, the company has rolled out

New Microsoft Infographic Reminds Us That Office 2003 Support Also Ends Next Month

As if we forgot! Windows XP is not the only major Microsoft software about to reach end of support this year. Internet Explorer 6 is also done for, and the same goes for the classic of classics,

AVAST Says That Windows XP Users Are Six Times More Likely To Get Attacked

Six times more likely to get hacked than users running Windows 7, that is. 20 days now remain before the aging OS reaches end of support, and it is pull-the-trigger-or-risk-everything time right now. And in order to

Microsoft Releases New Windows XP Retirement Infographic

The final push, the most final of pushes. Redmond is currently busy convincing as many users as it can to let go of Windows XP and upgrade to a newer version of the operating system. With April

Microsoft Releases New Infographic To Highlight An Amazing Year For Bing

Of all Microsoft products and services, Bing probably had the smoothest of years. The search engine not only maintained its position of strength by adding new features, but even managed notable growth. To celebrate an amazing year,

Microsoft Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Skype With Free WiFi For Users

Ten year anniversaries are always special. And Microsoft wants to make the tenth birthday of Skype even more special by giving away free goodies to every Skype user. Free goodies in this case being 30 minutes of