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Windows 9, Microsoft and the innovation challenge.

This blog is in it’s 5th year of existence and when I started it, I was excited about the concept of Windows 8. I called it Windows8update and religiously attempted to document all the changes that Windows

Microsoft Responds To Tim Cook’s Statement, Says Innovation Is On

Boy, Tim Cook sure did choose a neat moment to talk about Microsoft and other Apple competitors and what he believes is a lack of innovation from other technology companies. The Apple CEO gave these statements to

Microsoft Has Lost Its Innovative Edge, Says Former Employee

CEO Steve Ballmer has put into action his titanic new reorganization process, one that is expected to continue for a year at least, and is supposed to push the Redmond Empire towards a devices and services concept.

Microsoft Sees China As A Major Innovation Center

It appears that Redmond is betting big on its workforce in China, at least when it comes to research and innovation, as the company considers the country is an important innovation hub in the region. Ya-Qin Zhang,

Windows Azure Is Certified A Hit With Research Scientists

Wozniak: Microsoft May Be More Innovative than Apple Today

Steve Wozniak thinks Microsoft may be more innovative than Apple today The one and only Steve Wozniak ex- of Apple was recently interviewed by Tech Crunch at TEDx Brussels and gave his insights into the current state

Nokia DC-40 Solar Charger To Begin Testing In Nigeria and Kenya

Nokia might not fully have its act together from a fiscal perspective, but I can’t help but like the company. They’ve had some problems in the past but the truth is that Nokia builds innovative software and

Apple’s Software Vs. Windows 8 Now That Steve Jobs is Gone

Please don’t take it in any form of disrespect to Steve Jobs that I am writing this article. I was one of Steve Jobs’ biggest fans and when he died it felt like I had lost more

Eric Shmidt says publicly what people have been saying…publicly

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt snubbed Microsoft during an appearance this week at the D9 conference Rancho Palos Verdes, California. He referred to a so-called “gang of four,” high tech companies that were driving innovation and growing

Microsoft’s struggle with innovation

Great article from Fortune magazine about Microsoft’s problems with innovation. Some choice quotes.. It seemed a little like love when a blogger named The Paperboy got his hands on a secret device being developed inside Microsoft under