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Shopping Cart Comes To Microsoft Store

Took them long enough! Microsoft Store finally has access to shopping carts. Or rather, a new shopping cart feature. Redmond has just rolled it out for both for Windows 10 and Xbox One. The announcement was actually

Microsoft Further Reduces Offline Time For Windows 10 Updates

Time for an update? Microsoft has been working to reduce the downtime for installing a Windows 10 feature update to a minimum. Offline time, as the company calls it. If you’re an Insider, you may already have

No New Windows Build Today, As Team Works Hard

According to Brandon LeBlanc, that is. The Windows preview builds have basically screeched to a standstill, as the development team encountered a few bugs on the release candidates they selected. We have had delays and delays, as

No New Windows 10 Build This Week Again

What a month! Things have pretty much slowed down to a halt, as far as new Windows 10 preview builds for Insiders are concerned. We officially have the second straight week without any action. This past week

Don’t Expect A New Windows 10 Insider Build Until Friday

Terry Myerson of Microsoft revealed a couple of really interesting features coming for Insiders to take for a spin in the next Windows 10 Insider build that the company will release. The highlight being Sets and Timeline.

Windows 10 Timeline Feature To Be Here On Time

Well, for Insiders, anyway. The Windows 10 Timeline feature was one of the new additions to the OS that Microsoft showed off earlier this year, before making the difficult choice of delaying it. It was initially expected

Where In Heaven Is Our Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build?

Have we seen our last Windows 10 Mobile Insider build? If you’ve been wondering where are the build releases for the mobile OS, then you’re not alone. Several other people are asking this question. Because while we

Windows 10 Mobile Builds Aren’t Going Anywhere

Microsoft may have slowed things down for Windows 10 Mobile, but even though users should not expect any new hardware from Redmond soon, the company plans to keep on with the Insider program. Which is to say,

Windows 10 Insider Builds Causing A Ruckus On Surface Pro 3

Old and new. Never a dull moment when old and new don’t play nicely together. This is the case here, as the latest Windows 10 Insider builds that was recently released is causing issues. Installation issues on

No More Known Issues In The Release Notes For Insider Builds

Drastic step, but one that was, perhaps, coming all along. Microsoft has made the decision to no longer list general known issues in the changelogs that it releases for Insider preview builds. No wonder, then, that the