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How To Change The Location Where New Apps Are Installed

Previous versions of Windows only allowed you to save and install your programs in one of the attached hard drives on the PC, but Windows 10 can have apps installed from the Store to several different areas.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview

The very next day after Microsoft’s September 30 press event, the company made the Windows 10 Technical Preview available to public in both consumer and enterprise variety. Along with the preview build of the upcoming operating system,

Developer Preview Users Have To Rollback Before Installing Lumia Cyan

Eh, the trifling perils of early enthusiasm! Well over a million people deployed Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, but they now have an extra step before they can install the final version. Nokia have talked about this

Nokia Explains How To Easily Download Lumia Cyan Update

Microsoft announced the availability of the Lumia Cyan update for users of Nokia smartphones yesterday, and now the company has followed up on this with a few new details. You can read up on some of the

Here Are Some More Details About The Windows 9 Activation System

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, said not too long ago that 9 out of 10 copies of Windows in China were pirated. And it seems it is this statistic that has compelled Microsoft to design a

Microsoft Unleashes New Update To Fix Windows 8.1 Installation Issues

Microsoft surprised many by announcing that Windows 8.1 would be made available to download via the Windows Store. The release back in October last year went smooth for the most part, if slow. However, some users experienced

Here Are The Windows Phone 8.1 System Requirements

System requirements for software and games may not be all that imperative, what with the ever improving hardware, but there are some system requirements for Windows Phone 8.1 that you need to keep an eye on when

New Windows 8.1 Update Patch Aims To Resolve Installation Issues

Microsoft made the installation of Windows 8.1 Update a mandatory baseline for users that want to receive future updates, but a substantial amount of them experienced various issues when deploying the first ever refresh of Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 Support Ends Today, Update Is Now A Mandatory Install

Fragmentation is the bane of the software industry, and as the largest producer of computer software on the planet, Microsoft knows this fact full well. Windows XP is example enough. And in order to prevent further divisions

Microsoft Extends Installation Deadline Of Windows 8.1 Update

It had to happen. And it did. Microsoft have just announced that users have one more month to install Windows 8.1 Update on their computers, and the deadline has been officially extended. That means, the date goes