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The 9 ways that Windows 8 will change businesses forever

As we continue to learn more about Windows 8, some things are becoming increasingly clear. Not only is this release totally different from any other Operating System that has come before it but because it is so

Microsoft reportedly might buy Yahoo – umm why?

OK Microsoft, things have been going well. Don’t screw it up now. There are reports that private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners is working with one of its investors, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, and Microsoft Corp.

Windows Share: share data between applications in Windows 8

In order to smoothly share data  between apps in Windows 8, Microsoft has created a new mechanism called Windows Share. Using this technology, applications will be able to share text, bitmaps, HTML, files, and other types of

Windows 8 will support Xbox Live

Microsoft program manager Avi Ben-Menahem detailed the company’s plans for Xbox LIVE inside Windows 8 at BUILD last Thursday. His refrain was “It’s a huge opportunity for you as developers,” The following features will be in Windows

Why even a half decent Windows 8 tablet would rule the Enterprise

If I was a CEO, CTO or CIO and I had to make decision about what tablets to buy for our organization, what would I choose? If the question was asked today, in August, the answer would

Tablet love in the enterprise – Microstrategy loves Ipads

One company that is integrating the iPad into its work environment is Business Intelligence software maker MicroStrategy. The company purchased and now uses 2,300 iPads at its $454 million software firm. Soon after MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor

What will Windows 8 bring to ERP systems?

As we march down the road to Windows 8, it’s probably important to start talking about how this new Operating System is going to affect an area I’m quite familiar with – ERP. What is ERP? Well

Dolby Labs Technology will not be included in Windows 8

So this falls under the “not sure what to make of it” category. just transcribed the Dolby Laboratories (DLB) Q3 2011 Earnings Call for August 4, 2011 5:00 PM ET. They basically go over a bunch of

Windows 8 tablet UI – the real danger for Microsoft.

So one of the mistakes people make when they read my blog or find my blog is that they assume I am a Microsoft Windows advocate. I am not and do not own any MSFT stock either.

Microsoft shows Windows Phone and Kinect integration

Microsoft showed off the interactivity and integration between Windows Phone and Kinect. Some highlights: Windows Phones will be able receive reminders from Xbox for Live TV scheduling. Microsoft’s Bing listings will also be shared to Windows Phone. Xbox users