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Office Now Also Integrated Into Dropbox On iOS Devices

Microsoft and Dropbox have a pretty neat alliance going. Both companies, though competing with one another in the online cloud storage market, increased collaboration and cooperation. Fans were in for a pleasant surprise not too long ago

SendGrid Arrives On Windows Azure

Window Phone 8 Office Integration is Looking Pretty Solid

While we continue to hear that iOS and Android will soon have their own versions of Microsoft Office, I think it is a bad move. Microsoft Surface, Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 certainly have other key

Xbox Live Update Removes Twitter and Facebook Integration, Why?

Microsoft recently updated its Xbox 360 dashboard. This is part of a move that brings Internet Explorer and other Windows 8-esque features over their popular gaming and multimedia console. Apparently they didn’t just giveth, they also taketh

Why is FaceBook late to the Windows 8 party?

Recently, we’ve been posting more and more updates about Windows 8 applications and the number of applications in the Windows Store. It suddenly occurred to me that there is one company that has been totally silent about Windows 8

User beware! Microsoft update their services agreement – user content is portable now

This week, Microsoft updated its services agreement. These were very BIG changes too with subtle, yet potentially significant changes to its policy on privacy and dispute settlement. The company notified users, informing them that the new Terms

The Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview is available for download

Microsoft have released the first public preview of the next version of Office. It’s called Office 2013 and it has a ton of new features and Windows 8 compaitibility/hooks. Office 2013 can be downloaded now here! It

Xbox SmartGlass will be integrated with Windows 8

Today at the E3 conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft introduced Xbox SmartGlass. Here’s what Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing officer for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business had to say about SmartGlass: “SmartGlass takes all of your devices and first makes

Microsoft pushing ahead with Kinect hardware integration for Windows 8

Microsoft are continuing to push the Kinect into new hardware platforms. The push seems to correspond with the upcoming release of Windows 8. You may remember that a year ago, we published a rumor that seemed to

Phone/Tablet/Surface Integration – Interesting Video

I just saw this pretty impressive video that you guys should take a look at. Microsoft are really doing some impressive things in the Mobile/Surface space. At Tech.Ed, Microsoft demonstrates a working application that integrates a Windows