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Intel Said To Be Working On Kill Switches For Laptops

Well, having more options never killed anybody, so why not? Computing security has become the topmost concern for many users, particularly for those that rely on mobile devices. No one wants to see personal, family or business

Broadwell Laptops And Tablets Will Be Here By Holidays, Promises Intel

The chip giant has had an interesting few years at the very top of the food chain. With nary a competition in sight, at least in the x86 field, Intel has shifted focus towards low-power chips for

Intel Launches Its First NUC Powered By An Atom Processor

Well, look who’s dabbing into hardware, now! Historically, Intel have created just but a few hardware devices, the most surprising of the list being a microscope, of all things, under the Intel Play line. But the chipmaker

Microsoft Outlines Plans To Bring Windows To Small Devices, Including Mugs

I’ve always wanted to say that I’ve got Windows on my coffee mug! Well, if Microsoft had their way, this could be reality in the coming years, as the company is ready to bring its operating system

Next Generation Broadwell Ultrabooks Said To Be Coming In Q4 2014

Been holding out on that ideal ultrabook purchase? How about some Intel Broadwell magic? The elusive central processing family has been delayed from its original schedule, but interest in it remains high. Part of that is due

Intel Announces 64-Bit Merrifield And Moorefield Mobile Processors

The battle for 64-bit mobile processor supremacy is heating up. Apple may have fired the first shots last year, but companies like Qualcomm and Intel have wasted little time in announcing their solutions. The former of the

First Wave Of 64-Bit Bay Trail Windows Tablets Expected At MWC 2014

There are times when technology improves by leaps and abounds, and one such occasion is upon us. The age of 64-bit Intel Bay Trail tablets, it seems, is dawning. Almost all Windows 8.1 tablets right now run

Intel Expects An Abundance Of Dual OS Devices In 2014

I guess when it comes to dual boot devices, Intel is one company one can imagine hyping up the prospects. The chip giant has stakes in both Windows powered hardware and devices running Android. And next to

Intel Haswell To Only Make Up Less Than 20% Of Desktop Market This Year

It will not be unreasonable to suggest that the technology industry is waiting with abated breath for Intel’s Haswell platform that is set to make their debut this summer. The chipmaker itself has hyped up the CPUs

Intel Slashes Atom CPU Prices Once Again

The chip giant is getting more and more serious on the tablet front. After being swept aside by the ARM architecture on both smartphones and tablets, Intel is responding with some impressive discounts to cover some lost