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New Intel Atom SoCs For Tablets On Track For Late August Release

Tablets based on Intel’s next generation Atom system-on-chips based on the Silvermont microarchitecture have already been slated for release late this year. But it appears that the devices may appear earlier than expected. A new document from

Take our poll of the week – If the Surface Pro Tablet had 4 hours of battery life, would you still buy it?

So I was reading today that Intel may be coming up with a lower powered chip which may provide Windows 8 tablets with extended battery life. This would obviously be fantastic because tablets like Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Intel Atom Cedar Trail processors won’t work with Windows 8?

One of the greatest things about Windows 8 is how much faster it performs. Even better, all Windows 7 devices and many Windows XP and Vista machines will run the newest OS without a problem. I’ve tested

Windows 8 on ARM versus Windows 8 on x86: Will there be confusion? Which is the right choice?

Every once in a while I still hear about how Microsoft might cause confusion with Windows 8. Some tablets can run x86 applications and drivers, some can’t? The idea is that this notion is so huge that

Forbes is bullish on Microsoft and Intel

In a recent article in Forbes, the author seems to be super confident about Microsoft and Intel’s outlook going forward. It struck me as pretty upbeat in a sea of negative press about Microsoft and Windows 8.

Right on cue, the Windows 8 OEM and CPU storm clouds gather

Here we go. This issue is like a 1000 pound gorilla in the corner that was always waiting for resolution. Digitimes is reporting that Notebook vendors are having some trouble meeting Windows 8 hardware requirements in a

Intel release details about new Windows 8 tablet specs

Chip maker Intel revealed some specific hardware details about tablets running on Windows 8. Here are some of the salient points. Windows 8 tablets will be available in 10- and 11-inch designs. These tablets will have an

Windows 8 Tablets- Should You Get An ARM Or X86 Device?

When it comes to desktops and laptops I have constantly said that I feel ARM is at a major disadvantage. The main reason I’ve mentioned regularly is that x86 has a full library of existing applications and

Intel Smartphones Are Finally Here – Sort Of

When it comes to mobile phone/tablet technology, Intel certainly isn’t a name that comes to mind. Despite their major lagging behind the pack, Intel has always aspired to develop x86 processors that work in a variety of

Intel Very Happy About Windows 8’s Current Direction

Windows 8 is certainly changing the way Windows works with its new interface, Metro, and its ability to support ARM processors. It is no secret that the ARM processor giant, Qualcomm, is very excited about the future