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Intel Foldable Phone

Intel May Launch A Trifold Foldable Windows Phone

Looks like foldable phones may be the in thing for 2019! This new trend has been picking up surprising pace lately, with tech giant…

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Chipset Brings Tremendous Power

The future is here, folks! Or will be, come late next year. And that is because Qualcomm has today announced the Snapdragon 8cx, its third…

Intel Copper Harbor

Microsoft Developing Centaurus, Another Dual Screen Device

For some reason. Microsoft, it appears, has found joy in developing dual screen devices. The Seattle based company is working on Centaurus, reportedly a codename…

Surface Studio

Surface Studio 2 Specs Show Weak Sauce

Come on, Microsoft, I mean, come on! It appears that Surface Studio 2 could soon be a reality, considering the original model is turning two…

Intel 8th Generation

Intel Announces Amber Lake, Whiskey Lake CPUs

Time for some juicy hardware news! Intel is here with some new mobile processors. Namely the Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake line of CPUs, which…


Intel Blocked ARM Chips On The Surface Go

Convinced, or pressurized, what have you. The Microsoft and Intel alliance is no big secret, and has been the driving force for the industry for…

ARM Cortex A76

Next ARM Processors May Outperform Intel

1-2-3 Go! The race for processor supremacy is on, with all three big players firing on all cylinders. AMD, Intel and now ARM, all are…

Surface Go

Surface Go Is A Go

It’s official. After a sustained barrage of rumors these past two months, Microsoft has officially unveiled Surface Go, the newest member of the Surface family….

Budget Surface Tablet

Next Surface Tablet May Launch This Week

Music to my ears! Though this upcoming Surface tablet may not the most exciting of things, keeping in mind the fact that the Surface lineup…

Intel Logo Classic

Next Microsoft Surface Is A Pentium Affair

Pentium. Remember the name? Although the brand has been out there since 1993, these Intel processors are still running hot, with the chip giant making…