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EU fines Microsoft $732 million for browser ballot violation

Today, the European Union has decided to fine the company €561 million (around $732 million) for breaking a 2009 antitrust agreement. Back then, Microsoft agreed to include a browser ballot box in every new copy of Windows,

IMPORTANT – Microsoft releases Dynamics Business Analyzer Windows 8 app

This weekend,Microsoft launched its latest Windows 8 ERP app in the Windows Store . This is important because I think this is where Windows 8 has the best chance of beginning to succeed. The application is called

SurfCast Going After Microsoft for using Live Tiles

Apparently the “live tiles” that we’ve been seeing with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are now sparking a lawsuit. An operating system technology designer by the name of SurfCast claims that Microsoft is infringing on one

Windows Metro to be called Microsoft Design Language?

Now too long ago we posted about how Metro was a design language that was without a true and official name. We’ve heard it called Metro, the modern style/UI and then all of a sudden “Microsoft Design

Nokia Tablet Patent Shows Up, Could a Nokia RT Tablet be Coming?

Nokia is a very close partner with Microsoft when it comes to Windows Phone, but what about the mobile-oriented Windows 8? We have yet to see any real indication that Nokia is jumping into the tablet market.

Why is FaceBook late to the Windows 8 party?

Recently, we’ve been posting more and more updates about Windows 8 applications and the number of applications in the Windows Store. It suddenly occurred to me that there is one company that has been totally silent about Windows 8

So i guess HP just stopped trying huh?

So I just saw HP released their new Spectre all in one PC. Looks nice huh? That is until you remember that Apple did this long agao. So is there a point where companies just say “screw

The jury comes back – Apple crushes Samsung at trial, gets Billions in damages and Microsoft wins!

This is a FANTASTIC day to be Microsoft! Today, the deliberating jury in the Samsung vs Apple case came back and returned several affirmative votes in Apple’s favor. They said unanimously that Samsung infringed several of Apple’s

The Top 5 Windows 8 Features That Small Businesses Will Love

It goes without saying that Windows 8 is very different from previous versions of the Windows Operating System. A lot of small businesses liked Windows XP, skipped Windows Vista and now love Windows 7. With Windows 8 being

Windows 8 Hacker Quote of the day

Microsoft will be happy with this one. Roaming through one of the more popular leaker/hacker forums on the web, I came across this comment from someone frustrated looking for a leaked Windows 8 torrent. Meh even if