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Microsoft Band International Launch To Take A While

Microsoft really need to work on this international thing. More so for Windows Phone users. The Microsoft Band wearable gadget just went live earlier this today. And while the device is a piece of work, the release

Surface Pro 3 Sold Out (Almost) Everywhere

Surface Pro 3 sold out, now that’s a phrase you don’t hear all too often. Microsoft’s newest slate is a darn good tablet, it’s a darn good device, period. And it’s selling very well too. Redmond provided

Surface Pro 3 Goes Global, Now Available In 28 Markets

Right on target. Microsoft’s impressive new tablet, the Surface Pro 3, is now available in a total of 28 markets worldwide, a solid 25 of which are new for the device. The company had promised this expanded

Microsoft To Launch Surface Pro 3 In 25 New Markets

Redmond has just made it official that its flagship tablet, the Surface Pro 3, is going on sale in 25 new markets later this month, including several key European locations. This should make the premium slate available

Cortana Team Floored By International Response, Rollout To Be Sped Up

Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 was made official with the developer preview version of the operating system back in April. However, availability of the personal digital assistant was limited to the US. Now, more than half the