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New Study Shows That IE 10 Blocks Almost All Malware On Windows 8

The never-ending battle between the web browsers of the world continues. This time the theater of war is a new study conducted by security research firm NSS Labs. The firm tested the latest versions of five of

Microsoft Releases Security Bulletin For May Patch Tuesday Updates

And this time there are no less than 10 specific issues to be addressed. The company’s regularly scheduled monthly software update is fast approaching its release cycle. May’s Patch Tuesday is scheduled for 14 of this month,

Internet Explorer 10 Market Share Doubled, Thanks To Windows 7

There are juggernauts and there are behemoths. And then there is Windows 7. The beloved operating system finds itself firmly on nearly half the computers in the world. It is reasonable, then to expect some fireworks when

Microsoft Showcases Touch Based Video Editing In Browser

If there is one thing Microsoft has going for itself is its research and development efforts, whether to bring new products and services to market, or add new dimensions to its current ones. One such example is

Hackers Use IE10 To Break Into Windows 8 At Pwn2Own 2013

Microsoft has often boasted how IE10 is the fastest and safest version of Internet Explorer it has released so far, outlining the features that make its in-house browser one of the most secure around. But safest in

Week In Review (March 25 – April 1)

If you were expecting Microsoft to improve the Surface Pro supply issues this week, you will be disappointed. The 128GB model of the tablet is still a hotly sought item, sold out in most places. Nevertheless, the

Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Officially Released

As was widely expected, the most recent set of updates for the Windows operating system brought with it the final version of Microsoft’s flagship browser for the ever popular Windows 7. This version of the company’s in-house

Final Version Of Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Could Arrive Tomorrow

The much anticipated release of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 could be mere hours away. Redmond has already announced that it is planning to release several new updates on Tuesday, February 26th. And one of them

Final Version Of Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Gearing Up For Launch

Microsoft is getting ready to release the final version of its flagship browser, Internet Explorer 10, for Windows 7. The browser is currently only available for Windows 8. Inside sources revealed to The Register that Microsoft’s Internet

February’s Patch Tuesday Security Bulletin Released, IE10 Also Gets A Fix

Redmond has just released the security bulletin for this month’s Patch Tuesday update, and along with 12 security updates for various software, the company is also flagging a special fix for Internet Explorer 10 Flash Player flaw.