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Microsoft Has Handed Out $100,000 For A Windows 8.1 Exploit

Redmond takes the security of its software very, very seriously, and if you ever needed more proof of this, the bug bounty program Microsoft launched…


Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview For Windows 7 Now Out

Contrary to what some people may have you believe, there are some universal truths in the technology world. Take the fascinating world of web browsers…


Windows 8.1 brings enhancements to web browsing with Internet Explorer 11

On a Windows 8.1 Preview PC or tablet, you get Internet Explorer 11, which delivers a best-in-class browsing experience across the full range of Windows devices and…


Windows 8.1 will bring revised PC settings and Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft also provided new details about both PC settings and Internet Explorer 11. In Windows 8.1, the updated PC Settings give you access to all your…


WebGL Support In Internet Explorer 11 Hinted By Microsoft In New Video

It was not so long ago that Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft’s in-house browser was at the forefront of latest web technologies. In short, it was…


Screenshots Reveal IE11 Improvements Aimed At Developers

Unlike competitors like Firefox and Chrome that get version number upgrades pretty much every other Monday, Internet Explorer likes to take things slow and steady. Microsoft…


Internet Explorer 11 Might Support Both SPDY And WebGL

Nope, hell hasn’t frozen over, and neither are pigs flying, yet. But things are changing fast in the browse market, and one of the most…


Internet Explorer 11 Said To Use Google Technology To Load Websites Faster

Internet Explorer 11 is one of the major new features of Windows Blue. The upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship browser is said to pack several enhancements…


Windows Blue IE11 Gets “Desktop Swipe”


What is Different with Internet Explorer 11?

Windows Blue is just around the corner, and with it comes Internet Explorer 11. So…