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SameSite Cookies Coming To Windows 10

Looks like Windows 10 browsers are about to pick up a new feature. Microsoft has confirmed that it has started testing SameSite cookies on the most recent preview builds released for the OS. An early implementation, so

Microsoft Browsers Continue Their Free Fall

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! For Microsoft browsers, Edge and Internet Explorer, it certainly is the latter, as both solutions continue to bleed users. Market share for both is declining.

Windows 10 Will No Longer Trust Certificates From Two Chinese Companies

The two Chinese companies are currently embroiled in controversies where technology firms are deprecating their certificates, and Microsoft has now also joined in and made a decision. A design to remove the certificates issued by WoSign and

Internet Explorer Now Has Over Double The Share Of Chrome

The browser wars are well and alive, then! Internet Explorer has shown some strong progress over the past couple of years, even though Microsoft is ready to make IE part of history. And that is because the

Internet Explorer Development Head Leaves Microsoft

The exodus continues. Microsoft has parted ways with several key employees in the past couple of years, and the head of the Internet Explorer development team is the newest name in this list. Dean Hachamovitch has had

Final Update Tuesday Patches For The Year Start Arriving

The final Update Tuesday cycle for the year is here, and the December 2014 patch releases fix a number of critical flaws in Microsoft products likes Windows and Internet Explorer. They also nicely round off the total

Only 85 Security Bulletins For Microsoft This Year

Microsoft has been enhancing the security of its products with each passing year, and statistics show that the bulletin count dropped in 2014. Now this is an improvement everyone can get behind. An indication that Redmond had

Internet Explorer 11 Has Now Cornered A Quarter Of The Market

That Internet Explorer 11 is one of the top used browsers in the world is not news, but the Microsoft’s flagship solution keeps on growing these days, at a fast pace. Data for the month of November

Internet Explorer 3 Security Flaw Finally Fixed After 18 Years

Internet Explorer 3, really? Microsoft paid attention to security since Windows 95, but it was really at the start of the last decade that things went into overdrive in terms of safety measures. And it seems a

Microsoft Releases 14 Updates For November 2014

Another busy month for Windows in terms of updates. Microsoft started to push out the updates for November 2014 late last night, and they are now flying off the servers. A detailed summary of the patches is