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Windows 10 Tutorial: Disable Downloads Over Metered Connections

This Windows 10 tutorial shows you how you can disable downloads over metered connection, so that drivers, updates and applications are not downloaded on your device. Keep this option off is important if you have limited data

How To Check Your Data Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a useful little feature that provides you with an overview of the data usage for the last month. This is particularly useful for those with limited data allowances. In previous versions of the

How To Flush DNS Cache In Windows 10

A DNS cache is a temporary database that Windows maintains in order to maintain a record of all your recent visits and attempts to visits websites, domains, and other Internet locations. This is done to speed up

Vladimir Putin Signs Law Forcing Companies To Store Data Locally

Another controversy singed? Or is this just a glimpse into the future? Russian president has just signed into effect a law that is sure to make things difficult for foreign companies. Foreign Internet companies, in particular. Russia

Microsoft: Only 47 Percent Of Online Users Try To Protect Their Privacy

Microsoft has put up a new brand new survey that shows that while a large number of people are concerned with their online privacy, it appears that far fewer actually make efforts to protect it. In a

PCs Still The Number One Way To Access The Web

The Post-PC era, it seems, is still a few blocks away (see what I did there). Amid the rainfall of smartphones, netbooks and tablets, people still use personal computers the most to surf and browse the Internet.

Microsoft Exhibitors at CES – Three Screen strategy for Windows 8

In more speculative Windows 8 news, the Sunday Business Post Online is reporting that Microsoft will be pursuing a “three screen” strategy for Windows 8. The quote: Although an expected touch-screen tablet device from Microsoft did not