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Analyst: Windows 8.1 Will Not Be A Miracle Cure

With the nearing release of the preview version of Windows 8.1 next week, and the full version soon to follow in a few months, analysts…


Windows Blue – Interview with julie Larson Green

Interesting video from the WIRED Business Conference 2013. Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green spoke about the Windows 8 and delved pretty extensively into Windows Blue. She called Windows Blue,…


Racism in Silicon Valley – Arrington vs. Obrien

There has been an interesting spat on the internet that caught my attention today. Basically it’s a back and forth between serial entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist…


Video: very very interesting conversation with Marc Andreessen

As someone who actually did work in Silicon Valley during the dot com bubble of the 90’s, I have to say that I am a…