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ValueAct: Microsoft Could Potentially Become The World’s Largest Company

The hottest news last night was about ValueAct Capital, the hedge-fund that took over a $2 billion stake in Microsoft.  ValueAct founder Jeffery Ubben promised a statement later in the day. And now is reporting Jeffery

ValueAct Buys A $2 Billion Stake In Microsoft

Microsoft last week released its financial details for the first quarter of the year, revealing that it generated more than $20 billion in revenue and well over $6 billion in net income. Now reports are coming in

Michael Dell Seeking Majority Stake In Private Dell

The founder of Dell feels that the reason his company isn’t doing well is because it is stretched thin by trying to satisfy demands of the shareholders. The solution to all this? Go private, of course! As

Microsoft Plans To Help Dell Go Private By Injecting Up To $3 Billion

By now most of you may be aware of Dell’ plans to go private. This private business is no easy trip. In fact, according to Dell, the whole adventure will cost anywhere in the region of $22

Microsoft Invests $300 Million Into Nook

In a somewhat curious move, Microsoft is making a $300 million dollar investment into Barnes & Noble’s Nook digital-book business. This new move will give Microsoft a 17.6% stake in the Nook-side of the business and will