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Looks Like Sticky Notes Is Going Places

Microsoft has, over the past week, revealed a number of improvements coming for Sticky Notes 3.0, an upcoming version of the note taking application in Windows 10. Improvements that include more functionality, better usability and even a

Windows 10 Timeline Comes To Mobile

Microsoft is busy with its BUILD 2018 conference, which kicked off today. Busy with announcing exciting new Windows 10 features that are coming to mobile platforms. Namely, Android and iOS. This has been made possible by the

Photos Companion App Coming To iOS, Android

There are signs that Microsoft is readying a Photos Companion App for iOS and Android that will work like the Phone Companion App that has been a part of the Windows 10 roadmap for a while now.

Windows The Second Most Secure Platform

Stating the obvious here. Nokia is here with its latest Threat Intelligence Report, which reveals what we already know. That Android is the most targeted platform by malware authors. Windows is listed in second place, with 27.96%.

Microsoft May Bring Edge To Other Platforms

Change of heart? Microsoft has been pretty adamant over the years of keeping Edge exclusive to the Windows platform, to the determent of the fledging web browser, it must be said. One of the big reasons behind

Twitter Animated GIFs Support Announced, Windows Phone Misses Out

Users had been crying for eons for the ability share animated GIFs and emoticons on Twitter, with the social network disallowing any form of animated content on the website. It automatically compressed images into JPG files, instead.

Microsoft Open To Bringing Cortana To iOS And Android

Right after the company ports the digital voice assistant service to desktop and cars, that is. This was revealed during SMX Advanced 2014 event, where Microsoft talked about future Cortana destinations. Marcus Ash, the group program manager

Week In Review (May 12 – May 16)

Another week full of anticipation. Microsoft’s New York press event for the launch of the Surface Mini is squarely in the spotlight right now, and made all the more interesting with rumors of a larger model also

Windows Phone Poised To Overtake iOS In Belgium Soon

Recent numbers from ABI Research have confirmed that despite growing sales, Windows Phone still has around 3 percent of the global market share around the world. But there is no doubt that Microsoft’s platform is quickly attracting

Windows Phone Outselling iOS In 24 Countries, Survey Reveals

Google Android is the undisputed number one platform when it comes to mobile, with many pegging Apple iOS as still the second most popular OS the world over. For good reasons, surely. But Windows Phone has been