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Office Has Been Downloaded 100 Million Times On iOS, Android

Or rather, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the one doing the talking here, explaining the details of the mobile first, cloud first strategy — that he is actively pursuing. When compared to the devices and services approach

Windows Phone European Market Share Crosses The 10% Mark

No looking back now? Fingers crossed. Windows Phone European market share simply keeps on growing, and the latest data from Kantar shows that the platform has become a much more popular choice in the Old Continent. Slowly

Microsoft Releases Outlook Apps For iOS And Android

Microsoft announced their acquisition of Acompli back in December. This was a company that built high quality email apps for both iOS and Android platforms. The apps were quite popular. Hence the purchase price north of $200

Windows Phone Overtakes iOS In One More Market

Microsoft’s going all in with bringing the Windows Phone platform to more affordable price points, and it is only a matter of time the operating system solidifies its position as the second most popular choice. And the

Nokia Halts Development On HERE Maps Windows Phone

Nokia has made some odd decisions over the year, so gear up for another peculiar one. The company has stopped development of HERE Maps Windows Phone. Yes, Microsoft’s very own mobile operating system. Instead, the Finnish firm

Microsoft Buys Acompli For Just Over $200 Million

Redmond has just officially confirmed the purchase of Acompli, a cross-platform email solution. It offers the option of combining email and calendar in one app, among other things. According to reports, the deal is worth north of

Office Now Also Integrated Into Dropbox On iOS Devices

Microsoft and Dropbox have a pretty neat alliance going. Both companies, though competing with one another in the online cloud storage market, increased collaboration and cooperation. Fans were in for a pleasant surprise not too long ago

Microsoft Vying To Become The Default Search Provider On All Apple Products

It’s not often you hear the word vying in technology, but that is exactly what Microsoft and Yahoo! are up for right now, at least as far as the search engine domain is concerned. With Apple’s deal

Cortana Launch On Android, iOS Pretty Much Confirmed

It has been in the news for a while now, but Julie Larson-Green has finally confirmed it. Cortana is set for a launch on other platforms, including Android and iOS in the near future. In fact, Microsoft

Microsoft Makes Office For iPad, iPhone And Android Free

What could be surprising yet logically comprehensible at the same time? Well, Microsoft making its Office productivity suite free for mobile users, of course, what else? The software titan has just pulled a startling surprise. In what