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David Pogue does a Microsoft promo of the Surface Pro 3 vs the Apple iPad

For Friday, check out this interesting video from David Pogue. Using the now familiar Mac vs. PC commercial style, David splits the screen and splits into two different personalities to showcase the differences between an iPad and

Office on the iPad – Microsoft thread the eye of the needle

Supersite The Verge has learned through several sources close to Microsoft’s plans that the company will release Office versions for Android and iOS in early 2013. From The Verge: Office Mobile will debut in the form of

Good News, Windows RT devices will be priced to compete with the iPad

Good news for Microsoft watchers. It seems that based on what some reporters have found out, Windows RT devices will be priced reasonably. By reasonably, I mean comparable to the iPad. Paul Thurrott (who’s usually in the

Apple planning to release an iPad mini?

A new Apple rumor (take with regular pinch of salt) states that a smaller version of Apple’s hit tablet will come to market in the third quarter. The report from Chinese portal Netease, says that 6 million units will be

The great Windows 8 fanboy fallacy – iPads are just media consumption devices

First of all, let me say thanks to all you guys and girls for your comments on yesterday’s article. The comment thread is really informative and I got a chance to see the different points of view

Apple release weekend sales figures for the new iPad

Since March 16th — just last Friday — Apple has sold over 3 million new iPads across the globe. Dear God – Over 3 million! That’s more than RIM has sold Playbooks and Motorola has sold Xooms

3 pervasive Myths about Enterprise Demand for Windows 8 Tablets

Recently, I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend in reputable blogs and magazines and I wanted to share my take on this with you. There have been 3 myths floating around the web regarding Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8

OK We have to acknowledge it – The Apple new iPad or iPad 3 is here

The new iPad is available in stores today. Yes this is a Windows 8 blog but trying to ignore this monster would be impossible. Kinda like having a lion come into your house and expecting you to

Massive demand for the iPad in the enterprise is a direct threat to Windows 8

A recent Research survey of 1,604 business IT buyers by Research Firm ChangeWave shows the new iPad is already having a powerful impact on the corporate tablet market. Going forward, better than one-in-five companies (22%) say they’ll be

The one BIG advantage Windows 8 Tablets will have over all Apple iPads

I ordered the new iPad on the launch date a week ago and can’t wait to get it in the mail. It has a lot of cool cutting edge technology and will undoubtedly be the standard for