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Apple Sells 17 million iPads vs 87.5 million PCs Sold in 3rd Q 2012

Gartner reported this month that 87.5 million PCs shipped in the third quarter of 2012 (through June 30, 2012). This was essentially flat compared to the 87.46 million PCs sold in the second quarter 2012 (through March

Apple sold more iOS devices in the year 2011 than all the Macs it sold in 28 years

CRAZY STATS for Apple. There’s an amazing quote from Tim Cook about the 55 million Ipads sold so far. This 55 is something no one would have guessed. Including us. To put it in context, it took

Boston Consulting Group survey results – Windows 8 Tablets desired more than Ipads?

Chinese and American respondents chose Windows when asked “Which operating system do you prefer on your tablet?”. That’s pretty interesting considering that Windows 8 hasn’t even been formally released as an Operating System yet. Those are some

Tablet love in the enterprise – Microstrategy loves Ipads

One company that is integrating the iPad into its work environment is Business Intelligence software maker MicroStrategy. The company purchased and now uses 2,300 iPads at its $454 million software firm. Soon after MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor