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Nokia’s Newest Ad Goes After Apple’s iPhone 5 Camera

Go back a few years and Nokia, along with the likes of Samsung was one of the few mobile phone makers that truly focused on great imaging on its mobile devices. The highly advanced and highly competitive

Top Smartphones at Major U.S. Carriers in December

Smartphones were flying off the shelves in December – typically the strongest month for sales – especially for gifts.  The month featured discounts from all the major smartphone makers and carriers. The question therefore, is how all

Is there room for a third phone OS?

Paul Thurrott wrote an article which gave his opinion why RIM and Windows Phone may not have a chance. I’m going to give my opinion why I think they (at least one of the companies) do have

Video – Christina Warren talks about her experience using the Nokia Lumia 920 for 10 days instead of the iPhone 5

Can an iPhone-loving Apple fangirl survive using Windows Phone 8 for 10 days? This is the question that Christina Warren from Mashable set out to answer. The video below shows her final thoughts about Nokia’s Lumia 920,

iPhone 5 Was The Most Popular Tech Search Term On Bing This Year

Microsoft has just published its ‘Bing Top Search of 2012’ report. The report aggregated data from billions of search queries on Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing, and highlights the most searched terms in 19 categories – ranging

Is Android the Real Challenge for Windows Phone 8?

When someone says, “smartphone”, almost everyone responds “iPhone”.  Such is the impact the iPhone has had on the smartphone market. However, the growth trends suggest that Microsoft should have an eye on other vendors, especially in the

I’m excited about Windows Phone 8 but…

Can someone tell me exactly why the “premier” Windows phone 8 devices being announced are rectangular blocks with minimal curvature? The only exception I’ve seen so far are the Samsung ATIV phones. I mean they’re all going

Samsung go all in against the iPhone 5 – video version

Samsung are showing no signs of slowing down their campaign against Apple’s iPhone 5. Check out their new video making fun of the Apple faithful. This is how you go to war!! Microsoft need to take note

Samsung go all in against the iPhone 5 – graphic version

Samsung clearly just don’t give a damn. They’ve decided to aggressively position their products as superior to Apple’s. Here’s a graphic ad that they put together contrasting the iPhone 5 against the Samsung galaxy SIII. What do you think?

"unimpressive iPhone 5" already setting sales records

Apple has released sales figures for the new iPhone 5. They are saying that more than two million iPhone 5s were pre-ordered within the first 24 hours of availability. That’s more than double the previous sales record