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NYPD Ready To Ditch 36,000 Useless Windows Phones

Ouch! It was a year and half back, almost to this day that the NYPD made it official that it was issuing some 36,000 new Windows phones to its officer in the field. This was part of

Microsoft Sure Knows How To Anger Windows Phone Users

In a world of peaches, don’t ask for apple sauce! Microsoft has come under fire from angry Windows Phone users, who are once again disappointed with the lack of focus from the company on its own mobile

Windows Phone Growth Slows Down Due To iPhone 6 Launch

Windows Phone growth has been a topic of interest to many in the mobile world, and the platform has been negatively affected at just the exact time when it could do without this slowdown. Factors like the

New Infographic Shows The Affordability Of Windows Phone

Another new Microsoft infographic. The company only sparingly releases infographics, and when it does they’re mostly for Windows Phone. However, this new one makes a statement. A rather bold statement that highlights just how affordable a move

Apple Is Still Using Windows XP In Its iPhone 6 Lab

The longevity of an operating system like Windows XP can be gauged by several facts, including if your immediate competitor is still using it. Even after end of support. I’m sure Apple has taken the necessary precautions,

Microsoft Takes Another Jab At Siri In New Cortana Commercial

There are a lot of other areas where Microsoft can talk down the iPhone, but the company is focusing on Siri, as this new Cortana commercial demonstrates. It’s all in good fun when technology companies poke fun

Jen Taylor, The Voice Of Cortana, Is An iPhone Fan

Well, what do you know! Microsoft’s digital assistant service, Cortana, has been in the news these past few months, and here’s another electrifying new development. Cortana uses an iPhone. Or rather, Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana

Windows Phone Now Outselling The iPhone In More Markets

Third place locked and loaded, and now aiming for the second position? You bet! Microsoft has left a lot to be desired when it comes to updates to its platforms this past year, but it appears it

Office For iPhone, iPad Ready To Launch, Says Reuters

The only thing that remains is the final approval from recently crowned CEO Satya Nadella. Redmond has long been rumored to be developing a touch-optimized flavor of its leading Office productivity suite. These versions are expected to

Let’s Hear It: What Was Your First Smartphone?

Big things have small beginnings. And you would have to think really hard to name a bigger thing in computing technology than smartphones. These handy gadgets at actually driving the industry forward, in more ways than one.